April 3, 2011 Robert Bridge gives the old marketing and business tips again

Hi It's me again Robert Bridge and I have a bonus for you today, its a friendly reminder and I will be making more synergy in the way I deliver this important message, stop whatever it is you are doing and study this, if you cannot understand my communication then please let me know I am here to help.

I can even quite possibly assist, guide and help you to find your way around these simple and necessary skills you need. My names Robert and I am an super Internet Marketer and within this post you find the fundamental preliminaries needed to boost, or refresh and improve yourself, your business or whatever it is you do online, off-line, study or anything really. I have kept it as simple and as comprehensive as
humanly possible and I hope you find value in today's blurbs.

You can find out more by going to http://robert-bridge.co.uk http://robert-bridge.info or http://robert-bridge.mobi you can even join the Google forum by following me on Twitter micro managing, or perhaps you have stumbled on one of the hundreds of Facebook pages I have floating about and shame on you if you identified but did not press the little like button!

What does it mean to have clarity and direction in marketing and how can this help you move forward with your small business(es) even before you define and identify what your service, product, advice, information; that is assuming you know what you small business is, but if you don't this will help too.

What can auditing your business with marketing do for improving and developing your product(s), services(s), etc. How and where to find the facts about your business and niche. Strategically taking your
product(s), services to the correct places online, and concentrating these efforts into the new places that arrive to hopefully at some point generate into customers, contacts and more leads within the small world
you have managed to find your predicted turnover in. Mapping this audited world is a great way to navigate, shape and tweak your own business if indeed it even is a business.

What are the statistics measured from the conversions you get or other people have had with a similar product? Calculate the probability of this conversion to a sale or building leads. From this you can calculate your own predicted amount you need for your business to tick over and pay for itself and the overheads your business has.

Look as this model to understand daily, weekly or monthly what needs to be done in order to achieve the results required for growth. How will you from the beginning record this information one example is through Excel documents and creating bar charts for everyday, week, month or year. That is why
segmenting the areas in which you contact, communicate and eventually, sell, or convert into long term leads.

Making your business a local business through the website and blog, implementing the necessary tools to communicate and question your customers and audience. Matching all this with email header settings
and signatures to taking this a further step with branding your business cards.

This responsibility is about creativity, knowledge of the solutions available that are suitable and improve your service and products or in line with the design and delivery of your information.

Also have in place the extra's needed to incite your customers to want easily give feedback and information about what it is that you do. You do this by having a forum, you can also do this by when you first set up your hosting in CPanel blog or forum configuring a SQL database system that works between local email address, the sites http://s name address and IP reader.

Organizing and being able to easily distinguish between the many variables is something that through starting of on the right foot of what needs to be understood from a marketing point of view in your business.

The future of your business will depend on the amount of money you make in your expected vision from the dates you set to achieve the goals you have.

Finding a voice from all of this and understanding from the feedback or how the people who are interested in what you have are communicating this is the communication stance you need to take.

You might have to adjust and regularly highlight and mention the syntax and terminology these folks use because this will make them feel like they are at the right place, are being understood and are getting there needs met, through the best possible realistic means and mediums available.

If the community like to communicate but there is not a place for them to communicate in then you will either loose them or they will eventually find a place to express their passions and progress elsewhere, if however there is already one popular place available then you need to communicate in this space regularly.

Finding your voice online for some is even easier than face to face because their voice or looks or way they carry themselves can lead room for judgments and greatly reduce the attraction factor that secretly
goes on in the backbench's of business minded people, these are the fundamentals we all have in regards to spending, this differs depending on the type of selling.

Variations of this are those that are compulsive buyers they buy now read or open later, the buyers who need to buy it to sustain life like physical products, food fuel, currency etc.

Being able to distinguish identify and float between the two is a very useful skill, you should find this now, even before your business means anything to your customers, in-fact even before it means anything
to you.

Selling making money is a key part of this but not every buyer is attracted to attributing financial things with prices this is another thing you should realistically know, so don't be afraid to ask people what they would like to pay for such a thing, over time the price will manifest, if you feel like in the beginning you are undercutting yourself, then chances are you know what your competition is and no what it is that they are charging.

If this is true then you will not be making any friends within your industry, in-fact by recognizing this you will be able to identify the reconnaissance in which you engage in your field. A good example of this is walking into a room where everyone is in competition and the levels that exist within this room when you all sit down together.

There will be people open supportive and engaged in the conversation. There will be people closed and protective of the things they do and love, then there others who are random, unfocused and perhaps are struggling to distinguish or identify if they are even sat in the right room.

These are often the same people who would find growth in the consistent reminders and sales pitches needed to pitch-wares online.

This goes the same across the board, face to face, Skype or Voip, E-mail messaging, video marketing, sticker branding, image associating, word play bleating and even latitude positioning.

Continuity in communications is one thing, but having a varied voice and team is another. Its the good cop bad cop principle, some people want the nitty gritty and other people want some coherent structure that seems to abide by the laws and principles of the universe and most people in today's society and on-line community move between these worlds, they want to know the good the bad and the ugly as they continue in there own pursuits or fulfil there own needs to expand and improve the sales of the services, product(s), communities etc.

I have kept it as simple and as comprehensive as humanly possible and I hope you find value in today's blurbs. You can find out more by going to http://robert-bridge.co.uk http://robert-bridge.info or
http://robert-bridge.mobi you can even join the google forum by following me on Twitter micro managing, or perhaps you have stumbled on one of the hundreds of Facebook pages I have floating about and again shame on you for not noticing the little like button!

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