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SEO API META DMOZ Site indexing

A video in a new series covering SEO in June 2011. The video's take into consideration a three part process of understanding and explaining howto SEO in Wordpress, understanding changes in MSN and changes that occur with changing any aesthetics of a website.

SEO June 2011 Wordpress three step process: [Part One]

As we see in CPANEL and this is fresh for 2011 is for, wait before I go any further, yes this year we have a Cpanel conference that is showing and hosting the solutions to the changes in Google Meta indexing mentioned in Panda post a few weeks ago. Some of the posts have api. Whereby you search by comparison at one side you are getting graded by the Meta index and HTML PHP of CSS of website what is missing is what is actually being aligned from website form all station. 

SEO API META DMOZ Site indexing [Part Two]

So what is missing if you picked on this before you will have seen Yahoo Explorer has been taken over by Microsoft. Microsoft have there own type of building provided in CPANEL called well look for the jigsaw puzzle icon, this is called FrontPage, FrontPage is the equivalent of Fantastico Wordpress uploading process. You can find more about changing over to MSN designed website by going over the APSense and joing the group Microsoft MSN Expression. This is a place where people who are interested, already using and thinking about changing over or just helping customers move over to Microsoft websites uploaded to your host with Frontpage within CPanel.

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