Sunny Muslim Traditions

believed to be essential for salvation. These are: Belief in the One God (see Tawhid) Belief in the existence of angels Belief in the existence of prophets Belief in God's revelations, including the Torah (revealed to Moses), the Psalms (revealed to David), the Gospel (revealed to Jesus), and the Quran (revealed to Muhammad) Belief in the Day of Judgment Belief in God's predestination These six articles are what all present-day Sunnis agree on, from those who adhere to traditional Sunnism to those who adhere to latter-day movements. Additionally, classical Sunni Islam also outlined numerous other cardinal doctrines from the eighth-century onwards in the form of organized creeds such as the Creed of Tahawi, in order to codify what constituted "Sunni orthodoxy."While none of these creeds gained the importance attributed to the Nicene Creed in Christianity, primarily because ecumenical councils never happened in Islam, the beliefs outlined in these creeds became the "orthodox" doctrine by ijma, or binding consensus. But while most of the tenets outlined in the classical creeds are accepted by all Sunnis, some of these doctrines have been rejected by the aforementioned movements as lacking strictly scriptural precedent. Traditionally, these other important Sunni articles of faith have included the following Belief in the six articles of faith for salvation of Muslims. Belief in God having created things with wisdom. Belief Muhammad is the Seal and last prophet of mankind. Belief in the Quran word of God. Belief in the beatific vision in the afterlife and the manner remains unknown. Belief in Muhammad astrally travelling when awake. Belief in the intercession of Muhammad being a truth on the Last Day. Belief in God's covenant with Adam and his offspring. Belief in Abraham having been God's friend. Belief in Moses having conversed directly with God.Belief