Exit EU Variables: The Pros & Cons

The EU ( European Union) was created a few years ago in support of the new currency called the Euro.         Before Europe went with one world currency to fix interest rates America was considering a similar thing.        President Obama (Potus) at the beginning of his reign over America made sure the Almero did not come to pass. 
Eight years later we are receiving visits here in the UK by the Potus American Hawaiian Prime Minister.

     This Friday Potus and Prime Minister David Cameron will link up and discuss the state of the UK Union Address. 
     The news about these sorts of conversations are coming in live. Late last night I heard Obama's fleet of helicopters fly over Tottenham perhaps to see where Adele the musician was brought up. Either that or they checking me out.

     Britain is not the only country in talks with President Obama. As he comes to the end of his Presidency this recent tour of duty is more than just about Britain not wanting to support a one world currency, Greece and Iceland also want out. Turkey has said to be still on the fence about things.
     Reportedly this week reports come in about statements made by town mayors who have been sizing up the recent campaigns. Do we get behind a failing state or one that is about to end or start thinking about how to save the pennies. Arguably that statement has already been made for us, the pot of money is now all but empty.

     Exit strategies are nothing new and everybody knows how these things end up. The promises made in Egypt to neighbouring countries including Europe has decreased the true value of Europe's extravagance.

     Countries outside of the EU like the ones who used to be in the Warsall Pack have very low currencies compared to the rest of the rising economies. Because of this more people travel there to see the sites and because local residents cannot afford to leave the country the economy does well. 

Wages are low but they do not live in a sweat shop or dictatorship. 

They have low overheads and no one over them asking for monthly payments that mean nothing to the all seeing eye.