The Andromeda Strain

This post is something ringing around my head and I want to see where it goes. Part of me thinks maybe there is a film called The Andromeda Strain though I may be mistaken.
Imagine if you will the fractal shapes discovered in the seventies. Your sure to remember, its the one with the coil nosed elephants, see horses and vegtable shaped universe. The fractal numbers divided by themselves that goes on and on like the universe. Some say it is gods signature of the universe. You key in the coordinates into a computer on an axis and away you go.
Understanding the origin of numbers might prove something, though mathematicians over the centuries have come up with differing versions of mans entire history. This continues today as we see remake after remake in cinemas of films with men and apes battling it out between one another. Don't worry the Andromeda Strain will be nothing like Planet of the Apes or King Kong, more like Quatermass and the forty thieves.
Religious groups have there own ideas about where mathematics first popped us as numbers. China was the first to create the abacus a counting device so it may have been them. The British during the World War II invented a decoding device that des rambled numbers so I sure it was not us. Americans were taking iowasca and drinking small glasses of whisky so it cannot of been them. Other more Christian groups tried to pin it on early scholar Solomon, who as god intended was given keys to kingdoms. Imagine this the factal pattern is an exact map of the universe seen from gods desk angle. He may have even used a feather to scribe it all out. Although the nib would have had to been finer than humans could possibly ever understand. Hence The Andromeda Strain, it started out as writers cramp from A Beautiful Mind like God's, in some place like Oxford University.
Pirates loved maps and created unusual teams of people who could stand gruelling journeys across continents. They did not all get along, some would have to walk the plank and the captain was really important. You may recognise another consumer catchphrase: 'Fresh from the captains table' which again alludes to the fingers. It's always been hard for writers. Monks took generations to draw books in fancy colours and use posh ores and minerals to document blurbs for kings and landowners.
Of course once we visited the moon, no one actually owns the moon. The flag is another visual stamp reccorded way beyond the printing press, well not long after considering the short amount of period we have been here. And how come diplodocus and T Rex have never shown up in fractals. Perhaps dinosaurs stumbled upon gods numbers and that's why they might have been taken outside and taught a lesson or two. And perhaps that's why some dinosaurs as we know them today only eat vegtables. The ones that did well were meat eaters, or perhaps the other way around. Either way it must have been a bigger strain for them thinking this way, since even though they taller their brains are thought to have been smaller. Archeaologists have looked at bones, measured craniums and come up with allsorts of conclusions. Elephants with big tusks existed during the dinosaur and ice age era. The hair helped them survive I assume which is why god signed them into fractals. Seahorses could unicycle through the ocean on one tail which again was an entertaining thought. Kids at school from an early age are taught to draw seahorses becuase they are easy to draw, less arms and legs compared to humans. Also we are supposed to be the same on one side as the other. If you put a mirror on half our face however we can appear more chubby and the reflection can be difficult to see, it puts strains on all our eyes. Which brings be onto the next part of The Andromeda Strain, the one on the eyes, I just thought about that. So we have strains in allsorts of places.
So what do we know about The Andromeda? I think it is mentioned in an early episode of Star Trek so it must be real because Gene Rodenberry really knew his onions. I also in the seventies did a good job on telly with puppets: Thunderbirds, Joe 90 and Aqua Marina. If we going to make a film about all this you may want to consider puppets instead of cgi since the fractal shapes are real. Like Gene Rodenberry Mathematicians must of known there onions too. The layers of 10 numbers peeled away reveal all sorts of stuff.
So lets include parallel universes. Like language we can't make language neutured. There is a masculine and feminine way of explaining things. Two gendered universes although infinite still need a place to stick things or have things stuck in them. Can you imagine the strain of two universes mating, acting out out of a desire to leaves legacies?