Freedom and communications with everybody

As the weeks go by we learn lessons and we choose to take them on board or override. We are promised freedom and buckle at the knee's or communication's take place and we go for it. Relationship building is just like anything: you should try and get the balance right.

The scales of justice go out the window when making decisions about new relationships, at first we know nothing, then we assume things from the archives of the past about people. Everything rotates around that original avatar.

Capturing yourself well in photographs depends on the platforms you upload them too and the data entry around these images. People recognise photo's that match over the world wide web. This is a great tip when broadening your online horizons.

Social Media is similar to human sciences. And like birds migrate together, so do humans online.

In Sociology we learn about human behaviors and demographics. Some people hang back who have nostalgic or financial interests in online platforms. Communications only mean something when your credibility of what you say fits the image of avatar photograph used. There are many ways you can use fashion to brand yourself.

Men have different criteria than women to excite friends taste buds on first associations. Men still wear formal clothing in central areas of the world, men nearer the equator wear loose clothing because it is much hotter.

Women make very quick decisions about nice photographs. One secret we all understand is reciprocity.

One story told leads the way communications go back and fourth.