Fix My Mic on Windows And Mac

There are all different ways to fix your microphone depending on the problem. Updates on Windows 10 can clash with your particular model of laptop. If you use Windows or Mac this post should help.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge Media Marketing Communications 2017.


If you are using Skype App or download, first place to check if your microphone is working is in the App settings. On Windows this is the top bar of the App Windows. You need to be logged in to navigate these settings. Click the Audio settings and to the right is a dropdown box. Choose each until you when speaking you see the green flash lights. You might have more than just two options, so be sure to try them all.

If you are using a Mac Laptop, PC or iPad you will navigate to Skype App settings from the top bar above the browser. In Windows this is the top bar within the application, this is the only noticable difference of finding out Mac Mic settings.

If you still cannot succeed there are a few more options we need to go through, they are perhaps a little more complicated, but I have faith in you to fix. You should follow exactly in the correct sequence of data entry shown on video via YouTube. You want to know what operating system you are using when viewing helpful YouTube videos. Sometimes you will need to check you have to original volume source. If you are troubleshooting downloads every file shows up in downloads. The dates correspond with when these downloads happened. If any recent audio drive software downloads exist and correspond with when your microphone troubles started uninstalling software can help restore back to the state the computer you have was when working.

The worst case scenario is that your sound card is broken. You can download online. If you have a Dell computer and your warrantly is still intact you can download from the Dell website. Just key in your computer code (bottom sticker stuck on the base of your Windows laptop.

If all else fails and you have tried all the troubleshooting videos for your model and make computer it could be a hardware issue. The hardware that often brakes is the soundcard or the actual built in microphone. The mic maybe fine but some wires are loose on the motherboard. Either way to open a laptop you need good small Phillips screwdrivers. I reccomend the thin magnetic one with orange swivel head, its quicker and does less damage to the cross headed screws. Also keep all size screws in empty egg cartons so:

A. You don't loose them
B. The right size screws go back

I have tried to fix my mic and need some help!

You can give technical permissions to someone like me so I can remotely access your computer. That way together we can get to the bottom of things.