Goals revisited

Buffer I have listened to numerous courses on goal setting and have come across some great tips. All of them have helped, keeping the goals close have been the difficult part.

Understanding the formula of goal setting for business has made progress happen very slowly. The encouraging thing is things are happening. I feel very comfortable with my own progression.

Losing site of goals in my experience makes it difficult to reconnect or recharge all the goal setting work previously done. If you are looking to set goals there are many different personalised ways of doing it.

Yesterday my friend spoke about the three A's. I think perhaps this is why I am revisiting goals, also I have just received a packed give away from Jay Abraham. Out of all the lists of everything one thing stood out that sparked today's creativity and that obviously was goals.

Like already mentioned goals are where I am currently at in this minute and as you are reading this and you find things through Google search then I guess you are thinking exactly the same thing, please do not let me disturb you.

If you like have a quick read about what Jay has said in a video about goals. Firstly let me explain the three A's. The three A's are from my friend a venture capitalist who with a global panel of other venture capitalists are all being schooled in, practising and most importantly always looking out for.

 The three A's 

1. Attitude: without the right attitude you will not do well in business be sure to monitor yourself.
2. Action: You need to take action as soon as the thought comes to you or you notice a change.
3. Acceptance: Acceptance of your plan and pledge to follow through with an exit strategy. 

These three A's are from a conversation I had last night with a business consultant, Jay mentions them somewhere too.

I must add over the past three years studying the on line comprehensive secrets of successful goal setting the easiest I have found have been word of mouth from a friend in conversation, face to face in a comfortable tidy environment and nice food to go along with it.

 However I have to say three years ago listening to a transcript over and over again of a Brian Tracey audio about educating oneself and goal setting is something I can always use to gain energy and belief or in the three step formula you see above the attitude.

The right attitude in the case of goals is brain work.

Brian says this in one of his complete audio sections, he even recommends places to easily and reliably feed the brain to gain the necessary attitude needed these days for business.

There are many three step A's on line I know because I was just trying to remember the A's shared with me last night because I am still finding it difficult to process these things.

On a search alone I have found three valuable sources about the three A's but they have all been different.

Perhaps these other lists are accurate depending where you are at. You must have heard the saying you are only at where you at. Unfortunately without guidance, good friends to guide you or great sources of information to follow you will get overload. For example when I noticed the three A's from the government I felt hard done because their three A's are different to the three A's you see here.

Beneath that is a business venture consultancy and they have three perfectly good A's as recommended by the public information given on the IBM Global company website.

The fact that a company is an acronym you send warning signs out enough fro me to know that is just not where I am at nor is it answering the question that I needed to know. Just to emphasis this confusion for which I know nothing, here are the three A's perhaps this is where you are at and these are the three A's that you wanted to hear. On second thoughts I will leave out these other triple A's to success you can just Google the 'three A's Action'.Buffer