The Magic Of Believing

Claude Bristol an author and journalist wrote a highly acclaimed book The Magic of Believing and I would like to discuss a thing or to about this here. 

     Last week I discussed this book with a friend over the mobile phone. We both went through it, studied it and came to the conclusion, yes it is a still a great book. Now the fact that I am discussing this early last week confirms my belief that my venture capital friend is right in saying 'Robert don't become a scatter brain'. 

     Interestingly a few days later a created a culinary delight that turned out to be a digestive dilemma, my hope is that this post will restore the playing field a bit. In this post you can find out the background that led to reading this book, an explanation of why we chose chapter six to introduce you to the author and some further insights to de-clutter and extend the possibilities of the program The Magic of Believing.

     The mirror technique is basically affirmations you tell yourself, that you recognise and resonate with changes your composure makes, your body kinetics change and fixes your brain; so your ready to do what you needs to be done, hence if this then that

     I do not always use this principle but all we all know of it right? My earlier excuse was because I have not been getting out much and had a problem in bathroom which meant no light shone there, so I have not looked in the mirror much recently, up until a couple of days ago when I decided to get out the screw driver and fix the bathroom light cord. 


So if first you cannot succeed then try and try again, a lot of people say never give up, so lets take a look at that linguistically. In-fact lets change that to I will give until I succeed. Now I do not want to give too much away about this book by Claude because I want you to read it. 

     At first it may seem a taboo subject the magic of believing but trust me it is not. Like Napoleon Hill and the Rockefeller's it comes with christian caveats, so you really do not have to worry about am I ready or will it go wrong or what is the long-term benefits and spin of's from these things. 

Chapter six show the effects to be instantaneous by example, granted the story is second-hand (as most good stories are) and Claude Bristol died a few years after publishing this book, yet please do not let this take away the essence of what content is here, it's a really good lesson and it gets my approval.

Background books for The Magic of Believing

Well if you are researching or practising the secret, or listening to the Abrahams this might be for you. You maybe from the Napoleon Hill think and grow rich mastermind Facebook groups or your a member/affiliate of the GIN website. Perhaps your just randomly browsing the Internet traffic searching looking for something to enrich your day. These books and audio Amazon products are really helpful for wealth creation, personal development and as you see with the cat example fashion and dress sense. You will be surprised what happens if you do this then that.

5 If this then that 's

  1. If you read this book then you will find out what you next that is.
  2. If this is really magic then that is too.
  3. If you need a quick fix 'this' then doing the mirror exercise from chapter six will fix that.
  4. If you read enough quality books like The Magic of Believing then you will achieve knowledge (that).
  5. If you know what you want this is then you can go out and get that , right?
I could go on and on about if this then that's but that would keep me up all night thinking. A lot of people are confusing the believing with thinking, me included and you can hear my mixup about this book on Achieve Radio The Bob Show where I tried miserably to share it. I got Claude Bristol confused with Eric Bristow a popular darts player here in the UK from the nineteen eighties. Which makes me think of another topic of mirrors and television screens but I will notably come back to that topic another day. I hope this helped and please if you liked this post about The Magic Of Believing by Robert Bridge then please share on social media (If this then that).