Path To Mastery 2 This evening The Strand London

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The Path To Mastery 13th March 2012 The Strand
The Path To Mastery is a course that consist of a series of seminars that lead onto webinars. The seminars are very good and attract a lot of young and wise people in London who join and participate. The course is ran by Darren Eden and Ryan Pinninck.
The Path To Mastery takes a look at all the sci-fi films and stories from the past twenty years to understand how to step into a path of success. The stories are explained by Darren and grouped together to tell a complete story to step onto or understand your own Path Of Mastery.
The stories about these films helps us recap the knowledge encrypted in these films. They also understand the shift that has happened in 2012 and the stories we all listen to and all understand. This helps bring in the passive into the practical.
Darren manages to integrate the passive entertainment and his own pass times and hobbies to explain what he means for example when he reels of all the films we have all watched, to the exciting hobbies some of us do in Darren experience it is sailing.
The training is very broad and will appeal to people from all backgrounds. Darren highlights the things that happen as you progress online. He mentions the things that will and do happen and completes this analogy with an underlining effect on personal energy snd brings this back to The Path Of Mastery.
The webinar below will offer solutions for explaining and turning around the things that happen as you progress. In the light of the Path To Mastery this will help you keep up your energy. Even if you do not get to watch the webinar or attend the seminar this evening, the crucial thing I would like to highlight is this:
  1. As you progress you will meet people who will tell you stuff, these people are gate keepers and very knowledgeable about what you are also doing. They will challenge you, and yes it is a test and yes it will effect your energy.
  2. Mastery requires something extraordinary, but extraordinary is something we all have but you must live this and unite the two parts of self, the conscious and the sub conscious powers.
  3. The force of all things within success and wisdom is a based on a big why and that why is fuelled by love and passion in this case experience, without experience there is no understanding.
Understanding these three things may seem very basic but is a good beginning for unity, as friendships and thoughts are formed. This understanding will resonate with everyone in light of the things that will happen online as you progress 'the journey' of The Path To Mastery.
This will help you understand important chapters of your own life when you see it unfold before you and this hopefully will give you the wisdom to react the right way. This should help keep up your energy levels, as those that know try and stop you in your tracks.
The reality is new things do happen and servants do eventually become masters, we all have these opportunities and like in the films we all have a legacy.
It does not matter where you come from or what you have inherited from your family tree The Path To Mastery is always similar. The world has opened up and the same opportunities are available regardless of what you want to do.
Finally I would just like to take this oppurtunity to thank this team of euducators in London of online marketing and logistics advocates for what they are teaching, this includes Darren Eden and Ryan Pinnick and everyone else behind the scenes.
The Path To Mastery is not something compulsory but is something that will help. If you are quick and you live in London you may still have chance to book your ticket in the Strand Hotel in London this evening here.