Our Own Pyramid Chambers

Since the dawn of light our fellowd have crushed grapes. In the palms of our own clasped minds we've held Pyramids in high regard and masses believe them Pyramid Chambers were hospitable places to accomodate royalty and the brains of society. This as we know now is not true, what we know about these triangular shaped buildings is far more grueling than the luxuious we once thought. 

The Brotherhood of the Snake based in US had other ideas. They believed the pyramid chambers were instruments of initiation. The exact time of initiation is not known although three days or 72 hours has been suggested by these snakes as ample time to inititiate somebody.

The great thing about a pyramid is its abscences of light. People would feel lost in them and if  they survived this solitary confinement, all would be well. But many did'nt though.

You can imagine how lost someone might feel up there all alone. So why would anyone want to go through such grueling exercises? Especially after such hard labour the locals and people from neighbouring villages went through helping out there.

The Valley of the Shadows talks about a long dark tunnel and a decision that has to be made. Uou can see evidence everywhere. Pyramids have long elongated tunnels leading to chambers with pottery, gold, beetles and all sorts of other goodies.