Accessing the Power Within.

Thinking has to come from listening else it is just an internal
monologue. Listening is good but understanding and being able to fast
forward the clock in a reasonable manner is very helpful too.

Sometimes it is hard to understand becuase we are held back by personal
motiffs which are important, but if we do not listen we will never know
what to give.

Creativity is being overshadowed from the top down, getting value for
money is important, but the aesthetics of technology and techniques
used, studied and put into practise can send out signals to buyers.

Key thing in a small business is be as honest and special as you can
possibly be without leaving you with nothing, capturing your audience is
key, holding onto this database is another topic.

We all share these same goals but struggle to pay for the aesthetics and
monthly payments that come with this luxury. At this level we can
network and broadcast our ideas with each other.

Networking is difficult, setting it up is easy, finding the time to hold
it down as we get used to the new landscape is something many are
embracing quite well.

I like the idea of building this up, creating a funnel and providing a
service which is needed. If I am just chasing my tail then so be it, I
make mistakes and keep reading new a fast ways to expand and reach
further out into the plateau's of powers that exist within.

The mystery of all this is when similar things happen and similar
ventures begin, connecting these landscapes happen. I know I just
waffling but I think this can happen.

--   Robert Bridge -- - IMAP accessible web-mail